Smells like...

MapleMama: "Ewwww, stinky diesel truck."

minimaple: "Hmm, I smell stop sign."

MapleMama: "What does a stop sign smell like?"

minimaple: "It smells like a telephone pole."

MapleMama: "Well, what does a telephone pole smell like?"

minimaple: (exasperated tone) "It smells like a stop sign!"


Kim said...

This is wonderful. . .I LOVE little person logic!

T.J. said...

Hi MapleMama,
I feel a special place in my heart for your site as I am from Vermont as well :) I had a fun time reading your posts and I've gotta say, Maria is adorable!!

MapleMama said...

Awww...thanks for reading, T.J.
I really appreciate the feedback.