38 Things

I may not get a chance to post this weekend - so enjoy this in the meantime.
  1. My favorite color is periwinkle
  2. I once had a dog named Teflon. Yes, after the non-stick coating.
  3. I love my husband and son (see photo at left OK, your other left!) more than I can possibly believe
  4. Every car I've owned has a name (currently T-Mama, the nissan alTiMa)
  5. My mother is perpetually 17 minutes late for everything.
  6. Can anyone tell me what happened during the first 17 minutes of the movie E.T.?
  7. Despite her timeliness, my mother is one of the best people I know
  8. My hair is "naturally" the color of my son's hair
  9. We have two Maine Coon cats
  10. I love cats and dogs
  11. I'm allergic to cats and dogs (and virtually everything else for that matter)
  12. At a previous workplace, my official job title was "Bear Ambassador"
  13. I've known my best friend since junior high school
  14. She rocks and it was convenient that her name rhymed with "Maid-of-Hona"
  15. In 4th grade I came in second in a spelling bee for mispelling orchestra
  16. In 6th grade I started playing french horn in an orchestra
  17. If I could do my life over, I might become a meteorolgist
  18. Meteorologists have great job security - they can be wrong everyday
  19. Mac-n-cheese is fabu
  20. Jim Jeffords, Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders (Vermont's U.S. senators and congressman) make me proud on a daily basis
  21. My favorite flowers are hydrangea, lilacs and irises
  22. I type fro sh*t
  23. At work, I am part of a self-directed management team (no boss for 6 years)
  24. These co-workers are the best on the planet
  25. We bring each other funny souveniers from work-related conferences and trips
  26. My toes look better than ever
  27. I'm not really known for my gracefulness
  28. Stupid human trick: I can make guinea pig sounds in my throat
  29. Rain gardens interest me and I'd love to design one
  30. I LOEV my old college buddies (including BernieRA)
  31. Melisma, Trillium, and Maple Jam are some of the a cappella groups I've sung in
  32. Amsterdam (the Netherlands) is a fabulous city and I would love to visit there again
  33. I hate my hair
  34. My best friend and I can sing the entire "Sister Act" soundtrack as a 2-woman show
  35. The sport I excelled in during gym class was fencing
  36. Ever year, when I blow out candles on a cake, I wish for world peace
  37. My dear hubby and I are trying to decide whether or not to have a second child
  38. ..because I'm NOT getting any younger


Anonymous said...

Hey baby!!!! I think I can speak for everyone involved when I say your college friends love you too! Or rather, LOEV b/c we all type fro sh*t! And BTW Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I'm sorry I'm late. Lots of stuff going on and I lost track of things for a bit. But I love you lots and lots! <333333AM

Anonymous said...

Hey - This is a post I didn't actually see the first 50 times I've looked at your blog. The I on my keyboard is dying and that makes my typing all that much worse!

We do loev you! for all those reasons and more.

I knew about the guinea pig thing!