Recycling, continued...

At the small liberal arts college where I work, recycling - and more appropriately environmental stewardship - is an integral part of the campus culture. To that end, we've been looking at our individual departments to determine how we can reduce waste, revise systems, and/or exercise" green" purchasing to assist the cause.

In cooperation with our Marketing manager, I've decided to have all of our concert programs and posters printed on 100% post-consumer content, chlorine free paper; which was even produced exclusively by wind-generated electricity. Mohawk, the paper manufacturer, even offers an Environmental Benefits calculator, so you can see what impact your paper choice makes.

For example - our choice of over 950 lbs. of 100% post-consumer content paper, manufactured with windpower translates to the following...

Choosing post-consumer recycled, versus virgin fiber, content saves:

Likewise, the savings derived from choosing paper created using windpower include:

  • 142 lbs. of air emissions (CO2, SO2, NOX)
  • 3,956 gallons of natural gas
  • and is equivalent to planting 10 trees

I love this calculator for it demonstrates how one simple change really makes an impact. If we all make these small changes, the overall impact could be incredible. There are so many things we can do as everyday individuals that can make a tremendous difference

My new interest in all things environmental stems from wanting to ensure my son has a safe, clean environment in which to raise his own children someday. I want guarantee he can drink the water, enjoy Vermont's five seasons (Summer, Fall, Winter, Mud & Spring), and not require SPF 3000 sunscreen. I've taken the 10% Challenge, and hope you'll join me on this quest. Here are some websites for inspiration.


And, as promised, I have added interesting links to my previous recycling post.

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