Recycling for Parents

In an effort to keep fresh content on my blog, I thought I'd do a quick post before leaving for a family wedding.

I was never a coupon clipper - nor did I take time to do anything with used cans, containters, etc. other than rinse and throw them in the recycling bin. But between the associated of costs of a new child, and the sudden accumulation of stuff, I've started getting much more frugal and creative in the reuse of items. Some quick examples...

And my favorite item in the world are quart-size ziploc bags. Throw a diaper and a couple of wet naps inside, and you've got a quick emergency diaper change kit for your bag, hubby's car, etc., and best of all, the baggie doubles as a fairly smell-proof disposal bag for the dirty diaper. I also love packaging his daycare clothes in baggies, so the wet/soiled clothes are sent home in the baggie - sparing all of the other itmes in his tote from getting wet.

Well, I must pack for our trip so I'll come back later and install some interesting links (completed 7/10) - but enjoy for now!


BernieRA said...

Check out www.101usesforbabywipes.blogspot.com

MapleMama said...

Very cute - thanks for the link!