Love Letter

So I couldn't sleep last night; as you can probably tell by the time stamp on the Fingerpainting 101 post below. But it had been a particularly great day including:
  • My husband running to the local bakery to pickup breakfast
  • Strawberry picking at a local farm - where my son ate more than he picked
  • Snuggly afternoon movies during an unexpected torrential rain storm
  • Fingerpainting
  • Some wonderful intimate time with hubby while our son took a nap
  • Dropping by old friends to meet their sweet new baby
  • Walking through our lovely village to eat al fresco at our favorite pizza joint
But through it all - what struck me most is how much I love my husband. How special and beautiful he makes me feel when I feel anything but. So I took the time during my insomnia to write him a love letter - albeit a gmail message - but a love letter all the same. I highly recommend it. In the whirlwind of moving and parenthood - it has seemed so impossible to find the time for our relationship. But I realized in writing down all that he means to me - that "us" is part of every moment of my day. And how much richer my life is by having my husband as my partner on the journey.

So this post is dedicated to my husband - to whom I owe, and love, so very much.

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