Finger Painting 101

I've been wanting to try finger painting with our toddler. Here was the plan:
  1. Long sheet of paper
  2. Recipe for homemade/non-toxic fingerpaints
  3. Driveway - figured a safe place to make a mess
  4. Baby wipes/towels
  5. Toddler
Here is what I learned through the process:
  1. Homemade finger paint has a very interesting consistency
  2. Pour paint on paper first - do not give toddler access to paint containers
  3. Paint looks just as interesting on driveway, Mommy & Daddy as on paper
  4. The "finger" in fingerpainting is optional. Feet, forearms, hair work well too.
  5. Paint is edible. Although may cause stomach ache especially after strawberry picking/eating
  6. Clothing might need to be optional too!
My husband did point out, however, that we explored the following painting techniques:
  1. "Jackson Pollock" accomplished by son dunking entire hands in paint containers and then shaking them.
  2. Gravitational: What happens when entire paint container is poured on paper - which is sloping down driveway
  3. MOMA: minimalistic, contemporary exploration of mixing paint, driveway gravel and lawn clippings.
My recommendation for those considering this activity with your toddlers...fingerpaint naked in the bathtub!

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BernieRA said...

4:32? In the AM?

SOunds like an interesting activity. That's the kind of fun that you never plan for, but never forget. God blesses the parent willing to go out on a limb, or in this case, a driveway.