Commuter Karma

I didn't intend a follow-up on my driving post of last week, but I may have been blaming the wrong crowd. It could simply be my commuting karma is out of alignment.

First, my car did not want to start this morning. Three attempts by me and two by hubby before finally cooperating.

Secondly, I found myself driving behind a pickup truck with wide-plank pine flooring "standing" in the back of truck being held in place by a bungie cord attached to the gunrack. Due to aerodynamics at 55mph, the longest piece of plank was bowing and looked ready to snap in half. I envisioned a rather large board crashing through my windshield at any moment. Think back to the movie Twister. It might also be interesting to note that his only bumper sticker did not say "got milk?" but instead "gut deer?"

THEN, just as I finally get a chance to pass "toothpick hell waiting to happen" a dog decides to jump out in front of my car. At least this time, unlike last week's driving incidents, I am able to yell, "Get off the road, you flea-bitten mutt" and somehow I feel much better.

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