Better Living Through Blogging

My friend Bernie posted a thoughtful, moving reflection on the blogging neighborhood. It started me thinking about why I started blogging recently. I don't believe I have any earth-shattering revelations, unique knowledge or witty insights to share, yet here I am...drafting this post at 2:30am. A few thoughts come to mind:
  • Blog as diary: A place to document all the events and emotions surrounding my first years of motherhood.
  • Blog as Christmas newsletter: A single source to keep family and friends up to date, without the postage!
  • Blog as Catalyst: In thinking about what to post all the time, I'm taking action on some of the things I've contemplated.
  • Blog as Late-Night Companion: Something interesting to complete during my bouts with insomnia.
  • Blog as Artistic Outlet: I've ceased participating in music ensembles since my son's birth. The design elements of blogs and webpages fascinate me.
  • Blog as Therapist: The opportunity to work through my thoughts and receive constructive feedback and support, without the insurance forms.
This last one strikes me the most. Why is it easier to be vulnerable with strangers? Is it simply the therapeutic nature of articulating your fears, frustrations and concerns? Or does the anonymity allow for freer expression?

For example, I have a hard time admitting to family, friends, and co-workers just how challenged I am in trying to find a satisfactory work/life balance. I've always been so organized, and frankly, known for my multi-tasking skills. But now I feel like I'm flailing. When I'm at work, I'm thinking about home - and at home, I'm worried about work. I can't stay focused on any one task at hand. I want to savor every moment of my son's growth - yet I'm haunted by mounting laundry, dishes, contracts at work, and the plants I bought weeks ago but haven't put in the garden yet!

It seems so easy to type these thoughts here. I guess my new mantra shall be "Better Living Thru Blogging."


podcastpaul said...

very thought provoking! I see myself in many of those guises, for both podcasting and blogging.


BernieRA said...

Of course, I agree with Paul. For me, it's been great therapy during my job search, but now that the search is over, it turns out I have a new passion. (I'm just like a 12 year old- I do everything with reckless disregard until the next big thing comes along..)