Have you ever been asked wdydwyd? (Why Do You Do What You Do)

Well, I used my answer to commission a Twit2art. Twit2art is an art project, involving Twitter. People who send a message via twitter to @twit2art will receive a painting of that twit. Voila!

The price of each artwork is linked to the total number of twits thus far to @twit2art. The first twit (thus the first painting) cost € 1. The second € 2. And so on. Mine came in at #35.

I chose to use my "wdydwyd" answer for my twit2art, since the project really is a visual arts version of my response. People coming together across miles (and possibly many other differences) through art. Jan (the artist) is based in Belgium, and I applaud him for taking this sometimes empty, twitter microblogging experience and bringing it to life (and art!)

By the way, if you haven't seen the wdydwyd site, be sure to check it out. I'll have to take a picture of myself holding my new art when it arrives and load it to the site!

Image credit: For me, every performance feels like world peace; achieved in 2 acts, with a 15 minute intermission., originally uploaded by Twit2art.


Tantieris said...

I own the first one. (It's in Dutch) I'm convinced it's gonna be a collectors item one day. Btw, Jan is great not only in Twit2art but in real life also. Check out his website, you'll be suprised.

MapleMama said...

Bravo, Tantieris, for being the first!! I'm eagerly awaiting mine, but there are at least 15 more for Jan to finish before mine!

Jan does seem great. I hope his inspired idea brings him great success!

Thanks for stopping by!

do said...

Please put a picture on your website the minute you recieived your artwork, you made me curious ;-) Where did you get your inspiration?

MapleMama said...
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MapleMama said...

It's here!