Tears for China and Burma

I have been struggling to wrap my head around the terrible tragedies of late.

First, the cyclone in Burma/Myanmar. The latest death toll stands at 78,000. 2.5 million survivors are still waiting to receive aid of some kind. I can only hope that the ruling regime will begin to accept the support, supplies, and aid being offered from around the globe.

Then China's 7.9 earthquake in Sichuan province; with it's estimated 50,000 deaths and 5 million displaced individuals. My heart breaks every time I hear about another school that is found in rubble. I wept uncontrollably as I listened to NPR's Melissa Block follow a family's search for their two year-old son, Wang Zhilu, and his grandparents.

Fu Guanyu and Wang Wei, I only wish my overflowing tears could wash away your incredible grief. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Photo by avirus

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