Snapping vs. Clapping

While driving to work this morning, I was listening to some holiday music on the radio - including a wonderful African-American spiritual. Something didn't strike me right while listening, and that strange feeling lingered for a few moments before I realized the problem. There was snapping.

Now normally, I am pro-body percussion. Whatever makes you more engaged with the music - you go girl/boy. But there are times when specific accompaniments are simply inappropriate. Clapping along to O Holy Night - not great. But there are times when it is also culturally inappropriate. Case in point - snapping along to the aforementioned spiritual. So in the spirit of oral tradition, I pass on to you the advice given by a choir director many moons ago, and I quote:

"Child, there ain't no snappin' to baby Jesus.
You save that snapping for Jingle Bells.
In church music, you should be clapping.
Because the Lord deserves a standin' O' -
let alone your li'l ol' clapping - in praise."

Photo courtesy of Dominic

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