Minimaple buns...

...are now using the POTTY! Friday, our Kohler Family Seats arrived, and MrMaple quickly installed them. MiniM immediately wanted to sit down and try it out - and he did!

Yesterday, Saturday, was our first official day. We cranked up the woodstove, and the diaper (and pants) came off. It was quite entertaining to see Mini running around half naked all day, but it worked! He used the toilet ALL day, NO messes, and he did it himself without prompting or reminders!

We created a reward chart (below)--a red oreo cookie (his favorite) for peeing on the potty - with a Thomas passenger car or Hot Wheels car on the 5th attempts, and a Hot Wheels car for every poopy on the potty--which he was a little too driven to complete. We had to explain that running to the potty ever 5 minutes to do 2 drops of pee does not mean another sticker on his chart. I guess he gets that from me--since when I was told I could only bring one--not all--stuffed animal to bed as a child, I just took my largest animal and tied all of the others on top of it. Anyhow, the ultimate reward at the end of the day was Thomas the Tank Engine underpants, which he was VERY proud of!

Anyhow - we'll see how day 2 (underpants only, no other pants though) proceeds, but we are glad we waited this long (he turns 3 in February) as he seems to be truly ready and embracing the process. We are VERY proud parents today!

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