Holiday Music

Just a heads up that iTunes is offering 2 FABULOUS free holiday tunes this week:

Ding Dong Merrily on High
sung by Chanticleer from their album "Let it Snow"


The Hallelujah chorus
from Handel's "Messiah"
performed by the London Symphony Orchestra
--Sir Colin Davis conductor--with the Tenebrae Choir

As an added bonus, the Messiah recording is from an iTunes plus album. This song features higher-quality, 256-Kbps AAC encoding — twice the standard bit rate — and no DRM (digital rights management) so you can make as many copies as you like.

iTunes does offer free downloads every Tuesday: so for those of you on Windows and Mac who get your music
(or TV episodes, audiobooks, etc.) elsewhere, it still can be a viable option to download some new music for free. Do be aware, however, that iTunes registration will likely require you to include payment information, even if you never use it.

Lastly - my holiday song, Vermont Snow, is still available for download and viewing, and do check out Digital Father's new original work, Please Wait Up. And of course, don't forget to stop by the Christmahanukwanzaakah concert, which will be rebroadcast (with new additions) on 12/25.

Happy Holidays everyone!

cc2.0 image credit: Johann C Rochall


Vinny said...

a) Thanks for the heads up on Chanticleer. Just got it. Cool!
2) Must have missed the LSO thing. Darn.
D) Thanks for the shout out on the song. See also my newest Viddles, which are Karaoke Christmas Carols! http://tinyurl.com/32xg3l

butterfly said...

Hiya again! Christmas is almost here ;-D

Thank you for the comment and the mention in your blog post! So nice to be link-loved <3

This is purely FYI -- in case you want these -- I also had a download zip file of more buttons from the concert which you may or may not know about...The reason I mention it is -- there are "special" buttons in the pack, not seen on my website! Like with drop shadows for added depth and one's with "glow"...

You can find them here:

Anyway, thanks again! Happy Happy Christmas o<|:-D <---- see my Santa hat?