Notes and News

Time seems to be flying, and beyond enjoying life with my wonderful family, and the start of another season at work, a few things have been filling my time:
  1. Music Together: I completed the teacher training in August to lead music together classes for 0-5 year olds and their families. Minimaple and I have been taking the classes since March, and I was inspired to start exercising my music teaching muscles again. I plan to start my own center and lead classes in my work community and a local center for teen parents and their babies.
  2. Global Peace Tiles Project and Ned.com: Through MrMaple's work, we've met some wonderful, giving, inspiring, social entrepreneurs and participated in a Peace Tiles retreat with them in Cabot, VT. A fabulous weekend of sharing, learning, laughing and art-making. Which inspired me to do number 3...
  3. ACE: I've launched a new initiative and eventual non-profit called ACE or Artistic and Cultural Exchange. ACE aims to foster greater international artistic and cultural exchange and global dialogue through advocacy, research, facilitation and funding support. You can read more here.
I promise to catch up later...but in the meantime, a few shoutouts:
  1. To my cousin and his beautiful family: best wishes with baby 2 on the way!
  2. To post-doc: I hope your ankle is better and your mom recovering nicely.
  3. To Bernie: Best wishes with those TWO interviews this week!
  4. And Contessa: You are my blogging idol. Thanks for writing so much and so personally - I feel like we're still roomies.
  5. And to all those in Africa affected by the recent historic flooding, our thoughts are with you. Please read more and consider a donation if you can.
Image: MY actual Peace Tile, created around the following mission statement: Providing support to families and communities so children can thrive.


post-doc said...

You leave me in awe with how generous you are with your time, energy and creativity. It's really, really wonderful.

My ankle is feeling better, thank you. And Mom is sore, but improving, we think. Thank you for the thoughts.

MapleMama said...

Oh, you are way too kind, Katie.

I am in awe, and quite envious, of your writing and openness!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!