What happens in Vegas...

I hope you enjoy this slide show from my recent business trip to Las Vegas. I have changed my colleague's name to "Bride" to protect her identity, since everyone in Vegas can be anyone they want.

Disclaimer: This slide show is not appropriate for anyone with an aversion to feathers, rhinestones, or neon.

PS - If the captions are getting in the way of you enjoying the photos, you can view larger versions here.


The Contessa said...

What is that last picture of? A Lint Brush????

"All the songs ever written a bout LAs Vegas are about LEAVING it!"

Matthew Perry - Fools Rush in

MapleMama said...

Yes - a lint brush. It is part of the "Only Vegas" ad campaign.

It is probably hard to appreciate in a small image, but the lint brush is covered with feathers, sequins, false eyelashes, etc...

Ms. Jackson said...

Wow, I've wanted to go to Vegas for a really long time, but I pretty much thought it was pointless to go if I didn't gamble (which I don't). From your pics, it looks just as gaudy as I expected, but much fun! :-)

Jess said...

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a happier girl said...

I'm jealous you get to go to Vegas for work. How fun.