We're all "saps" this time of year!

During late March and early April, you can't drive down a Vermont back road without the sweet and steamy aroma of boiling maple sap wafting in from a nearby sugarhouse. So I thought it timely to share some links to Maple recipes.

And thanks to a soon-to-be-gone jar of fresh Maple Cream from our friends at Howling Hound Homemade, miniMaple's recommended recipe is a thin layer of maple cream spread on a blueberry Eggo waffle. A two year old, with sweet maple cream, on a waffle... a WHOLE new meaning to "Le'go my Eggo!"

1st image: "Sugaring" Oil Painting by Michael McGovern, courtesy of woodstockvt.com

2nd image: GRUPPE, Emile; American (1896-1978); "Maple Sugaring, Vermont"; Oil on Canvas, 1952; courtesy of clarkegalleries.com

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The Contessa said...

I cannot BELIEVE he's two already - my goodness - I remember when he was born!

I can picture him with that face and that waffle!!!! Precious!!!!

God I love that kid!