The Sound of Hope

I recently caught an episode of NPR's SoundClips: Audio Experiences. SoundClips is an occasional series from All Things Considered that collects the sounds that fascinates their listeners: from antique hit and miss engines and large overhead cranes to defective ceiling fans and noisy dryers.

On January 17, the featured sound clip was a chemotherapy pump, in a story entitled "The Sound of Hope." It got me thinking about what sounds elicit thoughts of hope from me. I've listed some below, but I'd love to hear some of your inspirations in the comments.

Gentle rain

Children playing

The whisper of December snow

My car engine, turning over, at 30 degrees below F

Early morning bird song

The tentative stammer of someone learning a new language


A newborn wail

Pomp and Circumstance

Silence after gunfire

The clamor of plates and silverware at a soup kitchen

"You have been accepted..."

A babbling brook on an arid day

Voices raised together in song

Sound files courtesy of NPR and Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Photo by herby_fr


Eamon said...

The pitter-patter of little feet.
The ocean.
The sound of silence in winter woods - I guess I'd call that the forest noise floor.

Stones on a lakes first ice. I actually took this file from the man's recorder and uploaded it to the NPR ftp site. I recorded his voicer too! :)

Vinny said...

The ping of a church after the choir has finished singing.

The scratching of the cat at the door, returned after a lengthy absence you were certain was permanent.

The voice of a spouse on the other end of the phone on a dangerous, snowy night.

Snow guns coating a quiet ski slope during the last lift ride of the night.

MapleMama said...

Eamon, glad you're blogging again. I'm with you on the pitter-patter.

Vinny, I keep waiting to hear Bailey's scratch at the cat door. Great sounds.

The Contessa said...

I think the ocean is a favorite of mine.

I also love the swell of music at the end of movie when two people walk off to the sunset - trite but I cry every time. The movie could suck - and I still cry only at that moment.

I also like hearing "congrats you had a good week - your down_______"

Applause after a performance we've worked so hard for.

"Tin Tin" And while Skippy was the first to say it, he wasn't the last.

"I do"

The hush over the entire area as snow is falling. regardless of how urban the area is.