Gotta Getta Grant

I hate grant-writing. It's not even part of my job, yet since we have not had a department director for several years, and it is usually my program that needs the funding support, here I am writing a grant again.

Don't get me wrong - I've been very successful to date. Every grant I've written (7 in the last 9 years) has been funded at 85% or more of the original request. And this time, I also have help from a colleague in prepping our application. But still, I HATE grant-writing.

I'm not sure if it is the pressure of knowing a project might not get off the ground if I fail, or the fact that this skill is outside what I'm getting paid to do, or that I simply hate the idea of groveling for money. I don't enjoy citing depressing statistics on what an underserved community I work in. Or "wordsmithing" my case, and "massaging" my narrative with buzz words so it will seem more relevant. Or putting all of my actual work on hold while I follow the 5-signature process on campus to obtain approval to even mail in the grant application.

So, anyhow, if I'm MIA during the next week or so - this is why. See - there's another reason - it is going to keep me from blogging. Have I mentioned I hate grant-writing?


Photo courtesy of Neil Wykes

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Vinny said...

Goodness. I am writing grants now as part of my job, and it is the worst part. So much pressure and so little success.

Good luck.