Touch the Winter Sky

"O lift your little pinkie,
and touch the winter sky.
Love's all over the mountains
where the beautiful go to die."

The quoted text above is the chorus from Benjamin Britten's A Shepherd's Carol, text by W. H. Auden. I was introduced to this carol by Robert DeCormier over 12 years ago, and it remains one of my favorite seasonal verses. Britten's a cappella arrangement is quite haunting and lovely, and you can listen to a sample of The Sixteen perform this stunning chorus on iTunes.

The pictures are from various locations on our property after the snowfall we had on Thursday 12/7. All of this completely melted away in the balmy temps that followed. I know it sounds corny, but I am dreaming of a white Christmas...


The Contessa said...

These are gorgeous. I know it sounds Corny, but I am dreaming of white christmas too. the temp is 50 here so it doesn't look good.

I watched White Christmas last night, set in New England. I was thinking of you.

ru said...

we were dreaming of a white christmas in quebec city as well, but reports say that the rain yesterday got rid of all the snow.


not even a white christmas in canada! it seems so wrong!

post-doc said...

The pictures are absolutely perfect. I just scowled at the sunny warmth outside my own house, so I must be wanting a white Christmas too.

But your photos were so, so pretty.

CTD said...

What beautiful Photos.

Ireland is hoping for a White Christmas also and going by the Weather of this past week, we just might get it!

Happy Holidays from Ireland!