Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for so very much...

  • My loving husband and beautiful son
  • Our warm and cozy home
  • My mother, for her love and generosity
  • My grandparents, for their relative health , and traveling all the way to our new home
  • My uncle, for being the calming presence in our family
  • MrMaple's Mom, for braving my family and spending the holiday with us
  • My first turkey and all the fixings (which I believe was a COMPLETE success!)
  • The BOUNTY of food (despite my implicit instructions otherwise!)
  • My will to eat yesterday in moderation (I've lost 11 lbs. this month)
  • An interesting job in arts and education
  • The beauty and wonder of Vermont
  • The new democratic majority
  • Sunshine and bright blue skies
  • Living in a free society
And lastly, thank you my friends and readers, for sharing this journey with me, and I hope you each had a lovely Thanksgiving.


The Contessa said...

11 lbs!!! I can't tell you how proud of you I am.

I am nearing the next 5lb mark myself and was well behaved yesterday.

I called you, Jax an Bernie as well as my family yesterday because you guys ARE family. And When I gave thanks for my family - you three and yours were included....

I feel blessed that out of all the people that we knew and were close to all those years ago, the three of us are still as close as ever despite the life curves we have all endured.

I loev you too!

Ethan's Mom and Dad said...

What a wonderful list of things to be Thankful for! We are so glad your "first" Thanksgiving was a success. We had a wonderful "first" Thanksgiving with Ethan, he sat with us at the table, in his new high chair.

Some things we are thankful for:

* Baby babble and giggles to wake us at the crack of dawn

*Baby food that was suppose to be eaten, found hours later on us or somewhere we swore we cleaned on Ethan

*Living in Vermont. . . and everything about it

*A wicked happy baby boy! ! !

*A three day weekend, with all three of us at home

*Grandparents that live near enough to join us at the holidays and be in Ethan's life everyday

*A wonderful husband and Daddy to Ethan

*Wonderful friends and their wonderful, amazing children

*Amazing coffee to help us get through the day, when the baby that babbles at the crack of dawn is still awake hours later with no nap in site

*Chubby little hands and chubby little legs. . . that are always in motion

These are just a few things that come to mind.