Butterball Hotline

One of my favorite West Wing moments was when President Bartlett called the Butterball Hotline (1-800-Butterball) to ask a question about stuffing in the turkey. (Episode: Indians in the Lobby)

Well, as I prepare to make my first major, family Thanks- giving dinner, I might just have to give them a call myself. Don't fear, however, Butterball also has a whole Holiday Cooking Guide online and even a Turkey Podcast!

I will be posting my whole holiday menu on my other blog if you want to cook along. The first recipe, Spicy Cranberry Chutney, is already up there. It's a great treat, especially as a spread on those leftover-turkey sandwiches.

Guests will include Mr. & MiniMaple, of course, my Mom, uncle and grandparents, Mr.Maple's Mom, plus possibly Sierra. If only I could make a wish on the drumstick BEFORE cooking the bird!

Photo by tallmariah

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