Follow-up to Anatomy...

Ethan's Dad had some valid (questions and thoughts) on my Anatomy of a Blog Absence post. I felt they required some response...

30 full-time equivalent days at work (how many hours are in your day?)
There were several occasions - usually when a dance or theatre company was in residence on campus, that I worked 12-16 hour days depending on tech/rehearsal schedules, outreach and performance timings, etc.

85 student employee applications (to find just the right one, yes?)
Our campus has an web system that basically allows a student to simply click "apply for this job" and be done. 85 students applied on the 1st day before I took my job posting off the website! Some students took the time to follow-up with more detail. THOSE students were considered for interviews. The ones who did not, are likely washing pots and pans in the dining hall.

24 interviews (oh the joy!) Actually - as HORRIBLY time consuming as it was, it was very interesting with meet so many students.

5 musicians (playing 5 different tunes?) Can you imagine?! A string quartet in one concert, and a solo pianist in an additional event.

8 actors - playing 40 roles (meaning?) One play - with 40 different roles, played by only 8 VERY talented actors.

8 dancers arriving on 7 different flights from 6 different airports (each with there own different travel security horror story, I'm sure) Yes - and I forgot to mention the 2 sets of lost luggage that showed up on the day of their departure (4 days later!)

8 cases of bottled water (consumed in one sitting?) That's scary to think about! No - 1 case by string quartet and pianist, 2 cases by the 8 actors, and the 5 cases by the dancers! Who can blame them!

9 lbs of nuts (anyone allergic?) My bad - I should have listed ZERO trips to the ER!

1200 miles commuting (that like driving from here to Florida...or something.) Way scary when you put it in those terms!

35 hours commuting (to listen to all of those books on tape...or podcast lectures) Been finally catching up on the Bernie's World podcasts. The show length is PERFECT for my commute!

100,000 falling leaves (hey...cool...that's how many I counted too!) I think that's actually when I STOPPED counting. I should ask MrMaple for an updated estimate since he's been mowing/mulching/raking them!

2 harvest festivals, 1 foliage train ride, 1 tractor parade (...mmm...it was nice to see you and the maples at the harvest festival) Great to see you, Ethan and Ethan's Mom, as well - and what lovely lunch companions you make!

Thanks again everyone for hanging in there, and commenting!

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BernieRA said...

Wow. That was an awesome post.

a) Glad no ER trips.
b) If you both counted 100,000 leaves, assuming there are not an infinite number of leaves (and I would not doubt it, as my yard appears to be a never-ending supply) then I can't believe you two didn't meet up. Have I extrapolated that incorrectly? I'm a musician, remember...
c) 2 sets of lost luggage? the REPORTED airlines stats (emphasis intended) I read make that highly unlikely. I'm glad THAT was the stat you chose to negate, and not the 'struck by lightning' one.
d) I believe I have just settled on a podcast length. The other 10 'Johnny Come Lately's" will have to live with 30 minutes now.