Bizarre happenings...

The last few days have been wild, wonderful yet also quite weird...here's an overview:

  1. Had dinner out with MrMaple, MiniMaple and Sierra Sedan recently. Great to see Sierra and as to be expected with a toddler, the meal was a little chaotic and rushed, but just as well. Since Sierra was home a little earlier than expected, she actually surprised and scared the burglar out of her home. I won't give away the details, as I'm sure she'll have plenty to blog about on the matter, but she is safe and sound, and is struggling to identify if something is actually missing. Please give her a shout out...
  2. MrMaple's good friend Flayra is visiting from the west coast. SO great to see him...as it has been 3 years since his last visit. He arrived right on the heals of number 3 below...so we're wondering if he is our "good luck" charm (we were expecting after his last visit!)
  3. We got a condolence card from our vet's office yesterday since they took down the "missing" poster for our cat Bailey. Well, not more than 10 minutes after reading their card, we got a call from a woman in the next town who saw a "found" cat poster that looked remarkably like a skinny version of our Bailey...so she was thoughtful enough to call us with the "found" number. MrMaple called "found" who said this cat has been coming around every few days or so to eat, but was currently not around. They will call if he comes around again, though!
Lastly, I've been contemplating how to be a better, more consistent blogger. My current goal is to post one day, comment on other's blogs another day, and write/research or rest the next. Hopefully that means you'll see something new here every 3 days or so. We'll see how well I do.


BernieRA said...

Wow. That's quite a handful.

I hope Sierra blogs it. It sounds like a terrifying story, but a terrific blog entry!

Bailey seen? Wow! Leave a note at Found's house saying 'we don't care about the ATM card- just come home!

Once every 3 days would be awesome. Maybe if we hadn't started so many projects we'd be better off! And I mean we, me of the 3 blogs, 2 podcasts, and a partridge in a pear tree.

ethan's dad said...

hey...great news about Bailey...I was wondering if he was ever found. Let's hope for the best.

...and I forward to the 3 day (or so) post/comment/rest rotation arrangement working for ya...I can relate...when I was posting an image every day (for a year) to a photoblog I really had to make an effort sometimes to make it happen...that said, I really loved doing it...and I have considered starting again, although not as a daily blog...perhaps every 3 days or so ;-)

AM said...

wow, strange days indeed! I am hopeful about the Bailey news, baby, so keep us posted, please! Loev, AM

MapleMama said...

Hey - thanks Bernie, E's Dad and AM for the comments.

Bernie - you have ALWAYS been an overachiever! But here's to every 3 days and maybe I should start a blog about all things that could end in ..."and a partridge in a pear tree!"
Ha Ha!

Ethan's Dad - I stumbled across our photoblog one day - you SOOOOO should start up again! You've got a great eye and I loved, I think, every single picture! BTW - You're going to school? Can't wait to hear more on that!

AM - I'm sorry to say it was a false alarm about Bailey. The cat is almost all grey and no crook at the end of his tail. Oh well. Thanks for the e-mail yesterday. Glad to hear you are well!

Love to all...

Anonymous said...

Dear Auntie Maplemama, we've been praying for cousin Bailey ever since Mama told us he was missing. And she's been mean too, she won't let us go in the outside hallway alone.... we have friends out there but we aren't allowed out unsupervised and we're BIG now!

Mom says to tell you that she's sorry that it wasn't Bailey and that we all are going to keep praying for him. As for the every three days ( what is a day exactly?) she thinks its an awesome idea. And she thinks Bernie is an overachiever too.

She also said to tell you guys that she LOEV's all of you! ( but not more than my brother and I !)

Love always,

Wolfi and Bandit