Autumn in Vermont

This is the time of year I am most proud to call myself a Vermonter. Aside from the stunning, colorful foliage that makes even the most mundane trip to the dump a spectacular happening, there are the fall events: harvest festivals, farmers' markets, apple fests, chicken pie suppers, etc. There is something so incredibly comforting in the smell of hot apple cider and wood smoke, the crunch of freshly fallen leaves underfoot, the itch of warm woolen sweaters...MrMaple summed it up recently...in a word, it is wholesome.

Now I am by no means a laced-up New Englander, dressed head to toe in L.L. Bean, who seeks to do things as they have always been done. I'm a liberal democrat, and enjoy exploring new art and culture...but I am SO very drawn to these basic Vermont traditions. Is it the comfort they provide? Is it the sense of community? Perhaps the preparation for hibernation?

I wish I could explain how absolutely instinctual it is this time of year of seek out all things plum, Burgundy and brown in my closet, and search for a new recipe for Pumpkin Gingerbread. Sometimes I think I should revolt against these urges...throw on a bright lavender shirt and make strawberry daiquiris on the deck even if it is 30 degrees out. But I simply can't. And now - with a child in tow - I feel even more obliged to seek out these traditions and share them with him.

So please excuse my indulgence in all things Vermontesque and enjoy these photos from some recent fall events!

Photos taken at: Hinesburg's 1st Annual Fall Festival, Shelburne Farms Harvest Festival, the Charlotte annual Tractor Parade, and back in Hinesburg.

Update: missing links and recipe addition!

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Anonymous said...

of yours gets more beautiful by the week. He's starting to look like Mr. Maple a bit now.

Remember our trip to the game farm with Bernie's son??? And our infamous Vermont sleep over???

Good times.