The Road Less Traveled

I commute 30 miles, one way, to work. Unlike others who travel such a distance, I am lucky to drive quiet, back roads through Vermont's countryside.

My entire drive takes about 45 minutes, and during that time, I only pass through only one blinking light, and one full traffic light.

This relaxed pace allows me to look around and enjoy the lakes, mountains, farms, people and other things that make Vermont truly unique.

As the next several weeks are my busiest at work, I may not post any great literary works, but instead share some images and thoughts from my drivetime as Vermont's Green Mountains turn ablaze with autumn's red and golden hues. I hope you will enjoy the journey.


ethan's dad said...

yeah!!! ...looking forward to all the pretty pictures!

BernieRA said...

"Pigs for Sale- ready to Eat"

Same planet, different worlds.

MapleMama said...

Thanks Ethan's Dad for dropping by. I suppose you don't take many pics on YOUR commute to work, but if so, I'd love to see them!

Bernie, personally, I would have much preferred "Pigs for Sale, Cuter as can be" or something of the sort.

Not the best sign - but at least billboards are illegal in Vermont!

KrisUnderwood said...

You know, I couldn't believe billboards were illegal here in Vermont when I first moved out here.

No billboards? wow.

it was a foreign concept to me coming from Chicagoland.

And now, when I do venture out of VT, I am shocked at the visual assault.

It's distracting!