MapleChick/Cycles to Peace made it to DC!

Here's the Proof!

And some quick notes from Karen:
"Day One started with 5 bicyclists, 2 of them just riding with us for half a day for moral support. Pat Lyon-Surrey was a wonderful partner for the first 5 days, but had to return to Vermont for work commitments :( Ellen made it most of the way, but felt that she couldn't continue on Tuesday morning, after a valiant effort and making it well into Pennsylvania. I continued on alone for the last few days, and pulled into Camp Democracy on Friday afternoon. 580 miles total on the bike, the last 7 or 8 spent circling the National Mall area trying to find Camp Democracy, which was not exactly located where they had originally announced! oops!

I will write much more later.... just wanted to let you all see a
photo taken within about 10 minutes of arrival. I'm back in Vermont, and on the bike tomorrow, without baggage. aaaaaaah :)


Bravo, Karen, we've been cheering you on all the way! Congrats!

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