Cycles to Peace - Update from the Road

I was thrilled to get an e-mail from Karen Chickering, on her Cycles to Peace tour, today. I'm glad my sending her hurricane warnings came in handy!

"We sat out Ernesto today. thank you for the updates! we watched a lot of wind and serious rain go by, and there's lots of debris on the roads, but we'll take our sweet time tomorrow, and pick our way through. it doesn't seem as though the flooding is a problem, at least not where we are now (Milford, NJ). we'll be in the burbs of Philly tomorrow, and then moving towards the Lancaster area the next day. I think..... I did look at a map today, but our Adventure Cycling map is of very narrow focus, and it's hard to get the big picture. I was happy to spend some time today with a map of the whole state of PA to get my bearings.

People have been extremely helpful and gracious along the way, even trying to line up housing further down the line for us. I may have enough money left over at the end to send thank you's of maple syrup to our hosts along the way!"

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