What is LOEV

LOEV started as one of my typical typos. Then, thanks to Bernie, in March 1989, it became a very special word between friends. Lately, through blogging, Gmail chats, and the like, our little circle of college friends has been there for each other through divorce, a job search, a move, and more and demonstrated just how special and powerful LOEV really is. So to Bernie, AM, Contessa, and Sierra...let me say, as always...I LOEV you!

What is LOEV? It is a special emotion, which only a Bud can feel for a Bud. It is an emotion which says, "We could be more than this, but there is nothing more important to me than your love, no matter in what form."

LOEV is forever. Love affairs end, friendships end, acquaintances move away, but LOEV knows no distance. Time together or apart has no effect on LOEV. LOEV is every day, every minute, every second.

LOEV means that I will come from anywhere if you call. LOEV means I will call and ask if you need. LOEV means that if you need and won't call, I will come anyway.

LOEV is a word that defies explanation. LOEV is a word that only two people could possibly understand. Neither our families or our lovers will ever know just how important LOEV is in our loves, but we will always know.

Updated: typos corrected (of course!)


The Contessa said...

Aloe - Whats going OJ? ;-)

I am thrilled to be the first to comment.

I am tearfully typing this as I couldn't agree more. Every word rings true and I feel the exact same way! Divorce, marriage, births, death - we've all hit the major milestones together regardless of distance.

Loev reigns supreme!

AM said...

Sweetie, you made me cry. I am so grateful for you, Bernie, and the Contessa and I loev you with all my heart. Thank you for being my bestest buds. I don't know what I would do without you.

<3 <3 <3 <3