Toddler Tails

MiniMaple is absolutely crazy about animal tails. And they specifically need to be tails long enough to fit the length of his hand AND have a tuft of hair-like fur at the end. He used to caress the hair at the tip of the tail as a soother, but he has progressed to ear massage. Yes, I said ear massage.

MiniMaple now takes the tip of the animal's tail and caresses his ear with it. If he can find two animals with tails, he will do each ear. We even took him to the doctor, thinking this was his way of telling us he had an ear infection. But no, his ears are clear. He simply likes his tails.

As you can see from the pic above, he has lions with tails, cows and giraffes; even tail books. The latest addition to his "ear ark" is a cute, Vermont-made, grey donkey, we've named Eeyore . But this latest addition is my favorite. For when someone asks me what my son is doing (and if he's OK,) I can honestly tell them, "He's fine. He simply has his ass in his ear."


The Contessa said...

Hazing your kid again I see???? Thats my Aloe! LOEV!!!!!!!!!!!

Sierra Sedan said...

Yes, but can he hear the ocean? :)
It's still way too cute at this age. At our age - not so much. :)

post-doc said...

He's a darling. And the animals are wonderful too! I love the idea that he'll be able to go over some of these entries when he's older. I adore my baby book, but Mom lost track of making scrapbooks as we got older (understandable, of course). So I think this is special - for both of you. :)

KrisUnderwood said...

oh-my daughter Loves that Tails book. She's nuts about it!She wouldn't go to sleep without me reading it for a whole month.

AM said...

AWWWWWW!!!!! <3 <3 <3