So what do you think?

I received an e-mail from VCF today, asking me to complete a survey following VANPO's closure. (That's a post for another day.)

Anyhow, the survey got me thinking how interesting it would be to figure out what people do or don't like about my blog, and get a second opinion on some things I've been considering about this site. Well, no time like the present. Please click here to take the survey!

The survey was created and is hosted at Survey Monkey for free!! Do check them out.

P.S. - I have NOT forgotten about Part 4 of 4 in my World Music series; I simply need the time to do it justice. I hope to complete it early next week AFTER my class reunion!


Sierra Sedan said...

Ok so I took the survey...however I'm sure I will throw off the results since I am extremely biased when it comes to you. :)

MapleMama said...

Sierra - you're too sweet! Thanks!
PS - everyone - I updated the post (typos, of course!)