Minor Revisions, and then some

I've recently gotten addicted to reading Minor Revisions. Katie's writing is absolutely stunning, and her posts are laced with great honesty and introspection. I have to thank BernieRA for mentioning Katie's blog in one of his posts, and I urge you to check it out.

Also - if you happen to be in the Vermont area, and looking for a companion, our local animal shelters are experiencing a much higher-than-normal influx of dogs. Please take a look at the available dogs, and consider a wonderful addition to your home. And yes, Luna, the puppy at right, IS available for adoption.

Lastly, next weekend I will be attending my 20th high school reunion. I'd appreciate any advice on navigating such an event without getting too nauseous from the 80's flashbacks! What WAS I thinking?!

P.S. I promise I won't keep posting dog pictures.


Repressed Librarian said...

I agree with you about Katie's writing--I love her blog!

(And thanks for visiting mine and for your thoughtful comment.)

The Contessa's pets - Wolfi and Bandit said...

Wolfi and Bandit are going to tell your boys about the love affair you keep having these DOGS.... Its not right!

Cat Rule - Live it learn it - GET OVER IT!

Love Wolfi and Bandit a la the Contessa

Katie said...

Oh, now I'm all flattered. Thank you very much.

I've really considered adopting another dog - I've had mine for over 3 years now and she came from the shelter. But I've apparently raised her to be a bit selfish and anti-social, though she's always been very dominant. I need to do some research on introducing another pet and decide what's right. Because the puppy you pictured is so precious! :)