Four Wonderful Years, My Love…

Four years ago today (yesterday, by the time I write this), we pledged to share the rest of our lives together. I cannot think of another moment I am more proud of. On that beautiful August day, high in the mountains, my heart was so full of love for you. Yet here I am today, loving you so much more.

I think of all the support you have given me,
how your smile still makes my heart skip a beat,
the warmth of your touch against my back,
how contagious your laugh is,
the endless generosity you possess,
and the wonderful and loving father you'’ve become.

I thank you for loving me (despite my faults: too many to list),
For the safety I feel within your embrace,
For allowing me to be honest and be myself,
For our wonderful home (in structure and in spirit),
For seeing in me, what I often can't see myself,
And for choosing me to build your life and family with.

As I look back on our wedding vows, you have fulfilled your pledge, and so much more. So I now recite those words again, in hopes that I can share with you all you have given to me.

I, Allison,

take you, Jim,

to be my husband

to love you and to cherish you

to nurture you and to honor you

to respect you and support you

to fill your life with music.

To give you comfort and understanding

in whatever the future may bring,

in confidence that together, we shall share all our years,

and all that life may bring us.

I love you, my love. And I look forward and 64 more years together with you!

And, p.s., thank you for FINALLY making me an Aunt!

Updated: poor photo layout thanks to blogger's useless preview function!


BernieRA said...

Congrats! Lovely pictures, and beautiful sentiments, Bud.

You are SO good at this. You can be in a different state, and still the most loveable person. That's a skill.

Sierra Sedan said...

And Happy Anniversary to you and your love!!

The Contessa said...

Thank you pahdner, my sentiments exactly.

Maple, I am so happy for you and Mr. Maple. I still remember the beginning for you. I am sad that I was unable to be with you on that day - my dad needed me with him and who knew how short his time was??

The pictures are gorgeous! So are you for that matter! Always were always will be.

ethan's dad said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!