Better World Blogging

Today I felt the need to find ways to make a positive impact. I try to be generous with my time and monetary donations, but that isn't always possible. So I started browsing through the websites of several organization who are affecting true change. Their body of work is truly exceptional, and each website explores ways you can participate; including linking to their site.

In the spirit of sharing their resources with you, I created some buttons/chicklets/etc. to a few sites and downloaded animated buttons for the remainder. I encourage you to share these links, and add those organizations which inspire you, either as comments or to your blogs as well.


Amnesty International

Heifer International

Save the Children

Americans for the Arts

La Leche League Int'l.

10% Challenge

Lastly, Rough Guides has generously made a free copy of their Rough Guide to a Better World available online for viewing or download.

Update: Replaced mistaken .jpg files with intended .png images (Heifer, Art & 10%)


BernieRA said...

That's not really the La Leche chicklet, is it? That's too funny!

MapleMama said...

No, that is not their chicklet - although I don't think they would object.

I have created a true logo version, in case I get any flack.

The Contessa said...

You are too cute! I do like the La Leche chicklet! Yours that is.