This morning was one of those mornings. Nothing was working out as planned and I was feeling lousy and clumsy. The person relieving me (so I could go to work) was running over 30 minutes late and when she did arrive she was grumpy and saying thoughtless things. Individually any of these problems wouldn't have bothered me too much - but today, I simply couldn't cope. I stood there trying so hard to regain composure and hold back the tears...but it was useless.

Just then, minimaple started tugging at my pants, wanting to be picked up. As I lifted him from the floor, he noticed the expression on my face and look puzzled for a moment. Then, he placed his hand on my cheek (catching a tear) and hugged me. This beautiful moment took me by surprise, as my son had never behaved like this before, and I cried all the more...reveling in his new found empathy.

PS - Photo is NOT my son. Taken by Cherie Preist.


post-doc said...

Absolutely exquisite. Children are amazing, and I love when people notice and appreciate those perfect moments.

BernieRA said...

Lovely post. But the dog? What's THAT about?

MapleMama said...

Many thanks, post-doc, for the comment and the visit.

Bernie - I was searching picasa for a good image of my son (asking to be picked up) to include with the post - but looking at his pictures just made me start crying again. So, I went with a puppy pleading for the same instead.

Sierra Sedan said...

I'm sorry you had a rough morning, I understand. Mondays are bad enough by themselves. Thankfully, you have Minimaple to make the day better! (btw that Monday daycare provider needs to change her clocks to zulu time and get an attitude adjustment...lol)

The Contessa said...

Hey Maplemama, Mini is a hoot! That child is precious. I have to agree with Bernie - Whats the deal with the dog?

I like Sierra's comment about Zulu time and the attitude adjustment as well.

Kids are so awesome as they learn and grow and develop into little people.

Remember Bernie's son and the two of us at MamaMaple's all those years ago?