If I could put time in a bottle...

Where does the time go? It seems like a constant struggle to find more time.
With 168 hours in a week:
  • Subtract 40 hours for work (on a quiet week)
  • 8 hours for commuting to/from work
  • 49 hours for sleep (on a GOOD week!)
  • 12 hours for general commuting and errands
  • 3 hours for laundry (again - on a GOOD week)
  • 9 hours for cooking/son's lunch prep/etc.
  • 3 hours on dishes (those baby bottles take SO much time!)
  • 4 hours for general housework (and I should REALLY do more!)
  • 1 hours for appts (medical, dental, hair, vet. etc.)

That leaves me 39 hours for spending time with my husband and son. Roughly 5.5 hours a day? Where is that time? Let's try breaking THAT down:

  • 2 hours daily changing son's clothes and diapers (takes LONGER now that he can squirm!)
  • 1 hour daily trying to get son to eat his food
  • 1 hour daily for MYSELF (I use that term loosely: pay bills, clip toenails, shower, force meds down cat's throat, etc.)

OK - that leaves 1.5 hours a DAY to actually spend quality time with my husband and son. And you know what - I think we're lucky most days if it is a half hour. No wonder I missed my son cutting his last tooth, and my husband wonders if I won't be "tired" anytime during this decade?

I know many other working (including SAHM's) mothers struggle with these same challenges - but I still am mystified. How is it that (housework not included) I spend more time at work than with my family?

I will admit that breaking down my time was somewhat revealing. Maybe I can find ways to carve out more time for my family (really - who ever looks at my toenails anyway). Ah - I dare to dream.

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BernieRA said...

Ah... the squirming years. The good news is that you'll spend more time dressing them when they get to 8, for all the time you spend saying "take that off and put on what I told you!"

It's elusive, but worth it. I'm so happy now that my son is old enough to sit with my daughter. My wife get a few hours in on walking every week. It's a pleasure, and it's healthy!