So my family is moving. Moving is not foreign to me - I attended 5 schools by 7th grade after all - but moving this time seems so very different.

  • Packing with a toddler in tow is a challenge. Pack an item in box - turn around - and its now 3 rooms away in the remnants of his leftover dinner.
  • After marrying late - my husband and I merged fairly complete households 7 years ago. We're just now unearthing the extra coffee pot, blender, toaster, dishes, the "bachelor" mason jar glassware collection, etc...
  • We're making a local move over a 3 week period - which I thought would be SOOOO luxurious - boy was I wrong. Looking for your shoes - they may be in a box in the basement; they may still be in the unpacked car; they may be in the other house; they may be in my son's dinner...
  • There's also the 2 households of dishes, laundry, boxes, diapers, and let's not forget the 2 mile trail of goldfish crumbs my son has left along the way.
  • There are contractors EVERYWHERE I turn. Painting the outside of the old house; painting the vaulted ceiling living room of the new house; replacing flooring at the old house, cable technicians determining if we even GET cable at the new house; paint chips everywhere... I can't seem to take a shower in EITHER house without a contactor dangling off a ladder nearby!
  • My husband has finished packing "his stuff". When did OUR kitchen, linens, wedding gifts, and all of our son's belonging become MY stuff?!?
  • AND after all of this - I CAN'T FIND THE ADVIL!

By the way - have I mentioned it is a WONDERFUL new house?!

Old House: 140 years old, floors slant 10 degrees South to North, on a busy/noisy/dangerous main road, 1/3 acre, NO closets (why would the original house of the town 'madam' need closets?!) - but a great first house with lots of charm.

New House: LOTS of closets, 23 years old, 6 private acres, lake in walking distance, QUIET except for the peepers, barn, lots of trees, a stone wall, large vaulted living room which will be great for rehearsals, a BRAND new $16,000 kitchen, wood stove, nice wood floors, 50% more square footage, 4 bedrooms, beautiful tiled bathrooms...the list goes on and on.

Well...I've rambled long enough. Thanks for reading - Jotting this all down may have saved my non-Advil'd head from exploding!

PS - Keep your chin up Bernie!


BernieRA said...

Moving and renovating- I've been there. We lived between two houses for the better part of a year. It was hell. We didn't have a toddler, though.

Shoes in the dinner. Funny.

KrisUnderwood said...

Must be the season here in Vermont-And I agree, packing with a Toddler at hand (or under foot) is definitely more challenging.
The 'Helping' has already started...

Love the new look by the way.