All things new...

The last 24 months of my life have been a blur of new experiences:
  • Becoming a new Mom - to my beautiful son
  • Wathcing my husband in his role as a Father - and loving him on a whole new level
  • Experiencing my body's extraorindary changes during pregnancy and nursing
  • Striving to find that ever-elusive personal/professional life balance
  • Losing a pregnancy - a loss and grief deeper than I've ever known
  • Discovering PBS cartoons and Playhouse Disney
  • Blogging for the first time!
  • Buying a new home (we close in 4 weeks!)
I hope to use this blog to make sense of all of these changes, and share my fears and excitement along the way. I hope you will check in often and join in on this wild ride!

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BernieRA said...

OMG- It's you!

Welcome to Blogger! It's one of my 2 new passions (because I can never do anything partway...)

Know that as you grow and change, we still loev you and remember you as the little college freshman, trying to save the world one blood pressure screening at a time.

Love you!