10 Weird Things

I got tagged by my dear friend, The Contessa, so I MUST play along. Here are 10 weird things about me:

1. I can play the noseflute. Much better since sinus surgery in 2002.

2. On my very first date with MrMaple, we realized he caught the garter and I the bouquet at a wedding 5 years earlier. Look where we are now!

3. In my family, we name our cars. My first, a Ford Tempo, was "Kate". My 2nd car; a Geo Prism named "Genna". My Nissan AlTiMa was affectionately called"T-Mama." My brand spanking new Honda CR-V is "Tango" (after her paint color: Tango Red Pearl). But more on her later!

4. My previous employers have included nursing homes, a teddy bear factory, a dental office, a symphony chorus, plus a college HR office, Career Services office, and Arts Center.

5. Office supplies rock my world! And the highlighters with a tape flag dispenser built right in...someone just medicate me!

6. I'm allergic to mushrooms and shellfish, which makes dinners at nice restaurants a risky proposition.

7. My first pet was a "Purina puppy chow" pup named Teflon. Seriously - a pup they used in photo shoots for Purina ads and packaging.

8. My father's CB radio handle growing up was "Nickel-Dimer" since our family name made people think of currency. My handle was "Nickel-Penny." Not my idea.

9. If you watched Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood in your youth, you might be impressed that I currently work down the hall from "Officer Clemmons."

10. The last house we lived in was 140 years old, and originally the house of the town "madam." The building next to it was initially a saloon. Three words people: location, location, location.

I think I'll tag my cousin, Kris, and L^2/Willow. Feel free to play along!


The Contessa said...

Gosh - I loev you but this thing with office products... I have to find that picture of my Christmas tree where you and Bernie decorated it with Office Products. You two were in your glory!

L^2 said...

Okay, we'll play... Our list will be up later this week, incorporated into my Thursday Thirteen post.

- Laura and Willow

KrisUnderwood said...

Hey, my list is up...first time i've been 'tagged'.

L^2 said...

Just thought I'd let you know that our list is up now. :-)