Pond Brook Cookbook

I couldn't resist the shiny, new Blogger in Beta, so I have succumbed to the blogging bug and created a second site.

This is your formal invitation to visit the Pond Brook Cookbook.

Now I am by NO means a chef, or even necessarily a great cook, but I LOVE recipes. My friend Sierra and I share a similar affection for collecting cookbooks and clipped recipes that we never seem to use. So I hope to use this space to post my favorites as a virtual cookbook.

All of the recipes posted will be fairly accessible and easy to make, and will not require extensive time or exotic ingredients. Most importantly, I will never post a recipe I haven't made myself to good reviews.The recipes previously posted here and here on MapleMama have been copied to the Pond Brook Cookbook, and I've added a new recipe for a killer blueberry coffee cake.

I hope to eventually make this a group blog, where others can post their recipes as well. So please come visit and snack a spell...

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BernieRA said...

OMG-now I have to get my 3rd blog up to stay out front!

Your husband must be a very understanding man. I know my wife had to be for her to tolerate the blogging.