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When I first started blogging, I noticed some negativity toward "Mommy Bloggers" and for a while I made a conscious effort to avoid being labeled as one. But it is posts like this one that make me proud to say, "I am a Mom and I blog. Deal with it."

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Rebecca said...

Moms who blog are awesome! I have been blogging for quite some time now. I had to delete my old blog (bad experience) and start over, but it is all good. I even started a message board just for moms who blog, but I don't want to spam you with that LOL! If you want more on that you can visit me and let me know...my point is that us Moms are awesome. We work hard every day and we need an outlet. I have many outlets..besides the one you will find on this profile I also have http://bloggingmommyx2.blogspot.com and http://bennyandyeva.blogspot.com I work on all three of my blogs and it gives me sanity...hey, we need a break too! Good for you for blogging! Power to Moms!! LOL!!