Little One Lost

For Christopher

You should be two years old today
Dear sweet son of mine
But your future was not meant to be
After only five months time.

We saw you in my belly,
Your loving Dad and I
You were our little “pacifist”
Two fingers waving “Hi!”

You were my sweet companion
On my morning and evening drive
I sang songs to you and thought of names
For when you would arrive.

But at 20 weeks, we learned the truth:
Your heartbeat had gone still
And the dreams we had for you, my son
Would never be fulfilled.

You have a little brother
And I know, deep in my heart
You are his constant guardian
And keep him safe from harm.

When I look into your brother’s face,
I only wish I’d known
If your eyes were blue like mine, my son
Or your father’s deep, warm brown.

Even now, I wish I understood
How in so little, precious time
You could make such an impression
On my heart and in my mind

So on this special day, of sorts,
I simply wanted to say
That the love you placed within my soul
Will be with me always.


The Contessa said...

There's NO CRYING at work.

Seriously - I am glad I work form home now that I have seen your poem. That was beautiful.

Loev, Me

The Contessa said...

oh and I forgot, Maple Mama, you can visit my blog at http://blog.myspace.com/kes2005

BernieRA said...

Wow. How did I miss this one?

Lovely thought. His little brother is a fitting tribute.